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  Music creation exists in ones minds totally apart from performance and technical skills... yet those without either, have not been able to express that creativity. On the other hand, those with performance skills have had their works hidden from the masses except for a privileged few whose appearance and or luck placed them in the limelight. Those who create music without performing and those who perform without composing, both deserve the outlet to share their skills. As a recording tool, the computer honors both... performers show their skills to the world and non-performers express the creativity that is the actual basis of composition.

Latest song: Angel of my Night. Hard to explain, but to me, love and sensuality is like viewing the Seattle skyline from the ferry at night, shiny and alive. That was the inspiration here.

Favorite song: Bad Girls, recorded with Logic Pro, Mini-mac. Credit to Dave Dues for Keyboards, my guitar work done on Geoff Gould Prototype Strat, Warmoth/Moses Strat, Fender Jazz Bass. Mixing 60s spanish rock with RAP.

Relatively Recent Experiments mixing genres: Her Mama is Walkin Away, Morning Light. Thanks to Dave Dues for Drums. My guitar work, 1986 Modulus Graphite (Single Coil Boosted EMG SAs).

The lyrics are the poetry to express concepts and feelings, the sound embellishes that poetry with excitement of a beat and chord structure. Once recorded, the combination becomes larger than life and a work of art to put in the CD Player and enjoy over and over. You know how recorded music has the power to take one from the present and re-experience moments known previously. When it's your music, what you felt with each word written, each note sung and each riff played will momentarily let you revisit whatever the moment was in an even more personal way. Using modern technology, music production is within the reach of everyone having a penchant to write and sing.

The collections are the music put together in the last three and one-half years as I began to compose and record using the computer. You could easily pick out the problems in recording and performance but when you realize that I could take my emotions and thoughts from concept to final mix in as little as three hours, you begin to understand what an awesome tool computer recording is.

If you are interested in trying to digitally record yourself, look at the articles to left. This is how all the songs were done. You will find it differs from classic recording in a few ways. In times past, you wrote music, memorized the parts, headed into the studio, paid mass amounts of money to have an engineer run a multitrack recorder. In computer recording you huddle over your computer in your bedroom and layer track after track of concept until the song is done. The main differences are money, no travel and most importantly, you write the song as you record it. The creative process becomes a mixture of art and technology and the song is different... maybe better... when you're done. Quality is limited only by your patience. Oddly, many songs recorded this way were never played all the way through prior to recording. The downside of this is that sloppiness comes easy when it costs nothing and you don't have people around you to force you to redo tracks that are less than perfect. The important concept shown here, is that anyone can record and obtain a nearly professional quality with a relatively small expenditure.

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