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This is my music. It's free if you don't sell it. Download, copy, burn CDs, even perform it (if you follow the rules!). The music is about moments past or rather perception of moments past. Writing comes easily in extreme emotions, recording the result is a rewarding hobby for those with little time for hobbies.

The format is currently wma, let me know if you need mp3. The genre is rock, alternative rock, rock jazz, and modern country. It's divided into collections that roughly fit on a CD (with room remaining). The four collections have their own unique personality in lyrical content because they are cronological.

is about a man who was kind of a Don Quixote type who has to face reality... he was not a hero, his life was not full of dragons to slay. The Work, is him coming to grips with his awakening... the big monsters were always just windmills. The Work starts very slowly because the first stage of grief is shock and these songs came from that. It starts out almost country but don't be fooled by that it wanders all over in style but remains reserved for the most part.

Perception of another human being may allow you to put them on a pedestal that makes them appear loyal and trustworthy. Should they be human and be as they really are, it becomes confusing and leaves one in a state of questioning everyone. Unhealed! Unhealed shows anger and it's directed all over because the first steps of bitterness can be so blind. Unhealed is mostly rock and blues based (not real blues for afficionado's). It covers those first attempts at relationships long before you are ready (but don't realize that yet). In reality it's still about the original event. Takes a long long time to pass through that fire and there are so many pitfalls during that time. It doesn't stop there, but the hurt, anger and bitterness do pass a bit and become other things.

...the perfect tool for tidying up after a house fire. The analogy is simply that a close family had a house fire and lost everything. I helped clean up, we just shovelled and shovelled all their possessions and memories into dumpsters. There was really no clean-up and salvage... it was all just gone and they had to start over. Things were just not the same for them ever again. It's all rock and my favorite.

Distrust mellows but doesn't disapear completely, Love is no different. One can have an amazing collage of both... What's next begins to understand, face the self-image issues and even move on. It's odd rock and a little country.

Contact me if you would like to talk music or the philosophy and emotion behind it!


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