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Do you have idea... a poem that that's trying to sing? Do you have a voice? You are reading these words through a machine capable of doing everything necessary to produce an original composition with technology far surpassing that which the greatest musicians had available to them 10 years ago. It's possible that you already have the hardware and software necessary to do it. It's a matter seeing where to start and then just doing it.

As the drive to express through a musical outlet grew in me, I began to look more closely at the quality of sound that computers could produce and the technical aspects of how to do it. In looking for information, I found the web to be a wasteland of jargon and acronyms that would baffle all but those who wasted their time learning things they should never have needed to know. Even looking at music stores online, I found the product descriptions to be useless, the same held true for software and equipment manufacturer sites. You can't tell what you are getting without a learning curve. Why is it that when you just want to buy a program to produce piano, bass and drums from your recording software, you find only descriptions of "pumping", "driving", and "award winning" algorithms, plug-ins and envelopes. Wait! I just want a piano, bass and drums, does it have that? ... put out your credit card to find out. Or maybe you want to buy a sound card because those built-ins sometimes don't work. Instantly you are bombarded with ASIO, MME, latency, chipsets and khz specs. Latency? Where do they explain, "your drums will start two and 1/15ths beats before your guitar... and it's going to sound ridiculous, buy our card and it won't do that". As I build the recording site, I hope to bridge this chasm because frankly, anyone can record reasonably good quality music if they can overcome the lack of plain english in the industries and ego of those already in the know.

If you'd like to look into using your computer for recording, look over the articles on the left... and start making sound. Music Friends Music Computer Recording Contact About Links Home

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